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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answered the question of
Do you pay me for participating in studies? How much? 259 persons
I signed up for a session but cannot make it. Can I cancel? 158 persons
Where is the McMaster Decision Science Laboratory located? 155 persons
I see that there are sessions with available places in the calendar. How do I ask for an invitation to these sessions? 152 persons
Can I bring a friend to an experiment? 151 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" for a study listed in "My Experiments"? 142 persons
What do I have to do in a study? 136 persons
What is the difference between a "study" and a "session"? 136 persons
Do I have to show up when I am invited to participate in a study? 135 persons
What happens if too many people show up at a session? 134 persons
Can I participate in more than one research study? 132 persons
I moved and my contact information has changed. What should I do? 132 persons
You sent me an invitation but all of the sessions are already full. What gives? 132 persons
I received an invitation email that showed a bunch of sessions. I signed-up for one, but now cannot sign-up for the other sessions because they disappeared. 125 persons
Should I put in fake information when creating a subject account? 125 persons
Do I really need to keep all the emails you have sent me? 122 persons
How long does a study usually last? 121 persons
Who can participate in studies being conducted at McDSL? 116 persons
Do I have to be taking Economics to participate in studies at McDSL? Didn't you use to just run economic experiments? 115 persons
What about privacy? 113 persons
How do I sign in and out of my McDSL ORSEE account? 111 persons
I forget which sessions I've registered for. 107 persons
I am graduating and I no longer wish to participate or receive invitation emails. How do I do that? 105 persons
The link in my registration confirmation email doesn't work anymore. 103 persons
If I have other questions, who can I contact? 99 persons
My friend wants to register to participate in studies but we cannot find the link that I used to do that. 98 persons
Why are some studies called "experiments"? And why are things called "experiments" in my account? 4 persons

For questions please contact